Create an Invoice Grid

Invoice Grids are very similar to Estimate Grids in that it allows you to display multiple line items and columns of information within a Document. Invoice Grids can be added to an Invoice Email Document Type so you can display an Invoice in the body of an email without having to attach a PDF. 

To create an Invoice Grid, use the following steps: 

  1. Go to Settings > Invoice Grids
  2. Click Add Grid
  3. On the Grid Designer overlay, customize the grid from the default settings. Start by changing the Name from "Custom Grid" to something more specific. 
  4. Customize what fields will or will not show on the grid by clicking the buttons and toggle switches in the panel at the right. 
  5. Hover over any column heading to reveal an arrow that will allow you to change the position of the columns in the grid.


  6. Click Save when finished. 

For instructions on how to add an Invoice Grid to an Invoice Email Document, click here

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