Automations Sequence Color Legend

Within an Automation sequence or pipeline, icons will display with many different colors. For more information about sequence pipelines, click here.


Automations Sequence Pipeline and Sequence List Page

You can access this overlay by clicking View Pipeline from the Automation Edit screen. 


Click the "total items" in the sequence you want to view. 


This will take you to the Sequence List Page:


The colors and corresponding status are as follows:

  • Blue - Clients whose automations have been Scheduled
  • Green - Clients whose automations have been Completed
  • Gray- Clients whose automations have been Stopped 
  • Red- Clients whose automations have experienced an Error


Automation View for an Account

Click the Automation Name next to a client on the Sequence List Page to get details of that clientโ€™s status within the larger scope of the sequence:


This opens the Automation View:


The colors are as follows:

  • White - the event is scheduled
  • Green - the event has been completed 
  • Red - the event has been stopped
  • Yellow - the event has failed
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