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When you first access the Report Center (Reports > Report Center), it can be difficult to know where to start. This article will explain the various functions on this page.

Note: What you see varies based on your subscription level. The subscription level needed for each item will be designated in the header.


Home (Pro and Pro Plus Membership Only)


Click the Home icon at the top left of the menu to return to the Home page. Once you create analyses, dashboards, and reports, they will appear on the Home page in the My Items folder. You can organize any of the items you create into folders for easier access.

Any project in the Report Center will be saved automatically and listed on this page. You can also schedule (Pro Plus only) or share them from this page. The table portion of the page lists all items:


This table will show an icon that tells you the type of item, the title of the item, and the time stamp for when the item was last saved. The Clock icon will only display for Pro Plus Members. This is how you would schedule a report to send. The Avatar icon allows you to share an item on demand with anyone in your company. Delete any item by clicking the Trash icon. 

SA Dashboard (All Membership Levels)


The SA Dashboard icon is available to all Members. This dashboard shows all existing visuals, such as charts, gauges, and tables, provided by Service Autopilot. Within this dashboard, you will find six different tabs.

SA Reports (All Membership Levels)


The SA Reports page lists all pre-built Service Autopilot reports. You may hear these reports referred to as "canned" reports. The report screen is divided by section, the name of the report, and the description. These are standard reports that are available to all members. Customization is limited on these reports and varies by report.

Create Analysis (Pro and Pro Plus Membership Only)


A Custom Analysis lets you create and visualize your data through tables and charts. You can perform a wide range of activities with this tool, including sorting, grouping, and filtering.

Create Dashboard (Pro and Pro Plus Membership Only)


Dashboards are collections of live visual elements, such as pie charts and graphs, that can communicate information about your company quickly. You can create these from your Visual Gallery and group them to your liking. The visuals are placed into dashboard panels. When you create a new dashboard, or when you change tab settings, the Visual Gallery will display. You can search and sort all your visuals here.

Create Report (Pro and Pro Plus Membership Only)


A custom report is a collection of analyses (data), visuals, and other content in a customized layout. You can create a report suitable for browsing, exporting as a PDF, and scheduling for email distribution.

Schedule Manager (Pro Plus Members Only)


If you are a Pro Plus Member, this is where you would go to see all scheduled reports, and review, change, or delete them.

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