Add a Basic Formula

Formulas are a way of combining raw data to render some type of result. If you plan to use Formulas, be sure to start with this article first as Formulas do require a basic, functional understanding of SQL. Formulas can be quite complex and you have to know your destination before starting.

The steps below outline how to add a basic formula to a table using only an operator:

  1. In an analysis, click the "Formula" tab. 

  2. Enter the Name for the formula. This will display as a new column in the table. 

  3. Use the Insert a Column dropdown list to add the first data point to the Formula field. Do not try to type this in manually, the code varies based on the data point.
  4. Select an Operator from the dropdown list. This tells the system what to do with the two data points. An operator can be typed in manually once you've memorized the symbols for each one. 
  5. Something will need to go after the operator in order for it to function. It's possible to build a formula out of two numerical columns. Or, you may want the operator to calculate against a static number such as a percentage. Whatever this is, use a dropdown list or type this in manually after the operator symbol.
  6. Select a Data Type from the dropdown list. This determines how the values of your formula will be generated. 
  7. Select a Display Format from the dropdown list. This determines how the values of your formula will be displayed.
  8. Click Add to create the new column and refresh the table.

As formula columns are created, they’re added to the Formula columns list. Use the adjacent Replace and Remove buttons to manage the list. Columns that have been added are now included in the list of available columns for use in other formulas. When you’re done, click the Formula tab to hide the panel.

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