Add a Crosstab

A crosstab is similar to a pivot table in Excel and compares two fields in a chart with the values in a third field.

Follow these steps to add a crosstab:

  1. From an analysis, click the Add Crosstab button.

  2. Select the Header Values Column, whose values will be shown horizontally as column headers, across the top of the crosstab table. Additional controls may appear depending on the data type of the selected columns. 

  3. Select the Label Values Column, whose values will be shown vertically, in the left-most column of each row.
  4. Select the Aggregate Values Column, whose values will be aggregated to produce the contents for the rest of the table cells.
  5. Select the Aggregate Function to apply to the column selected in step 4. Options include:
    • Sum
    • Average
    • Standard Deviation
    • Count and Distinct
    • Count
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
  6. Select a Summary Function to display a summary result.
  7. Check the Compare Label Columns check box to cause the difference between column values to be displayed, along with a cell shading indicator.
  8. Click OK. This will generate the crosstab table, in its own panel; otherwise, the table will be generated automatically as you make changes.
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