Create a Custom Dashboard

A dashboard is a collection of visuals (charts, gauges, and tables) that are placed into dashboard panels. Dashboards can show you a lot of information about your company at a single glance.

Follow these steps to create a new dashboard:

  1. Go to Reports > Report Center
  2. Click Create Dashboard


  3. The Visual Gallery overlay will open over your new Untitled Dashboard. Click Add on any of options in the Visual Gallery. This will add your selection as a new panel in the dashboard. After you click Add, the button disappears and β€œAdded” is displayed.
  4. Click the Create Visuals link at the bottom of the overlay to add custom visuals to the dashboard.


  5. Click Done to close the Visual Gallery.
  6. Click on Untitled Dashboard to customize the name of the dashboard. This is the name that appears on the Report Center home page.
  7. Click the gear icon on the New Tab (top left) and click Rename Tab, and then type a name for the dashboard tab. You can have multiple tabs within a dashboard, each containing multiple visuals.
  8. Click and drag your visual panels to rearrange them. Or you can rename and delete them from the gear icon located on the top right corner of each panel.
  9. Click β€œX” on the top right to exit the dashboard.
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