Visits Report

The Visits Report is one of the most useful pre-built reports in the Report Center. It was designed to show any Service within a defined time frame, the status of the job, and whether the actual man hours are more or less than the budgeted amount. 

This report can be filtered by date, client, city, postal code, service, status, and/or resource. If you click on a Service in the Service column, it will bring up the Visit overlay.


Note: This Visit overlay is the same as the one seen on the Dispatch Board. Any saved changes to the Visit overlay from the Visits report will update the actual Job.

Each column on the report is explained below:


  • Dates - the date of the scheduled job
  • Client Name - the name on the Account where service was scheduled
  • Service - the service to be performed
  • Address - the service address
  • City - the city where service will be performed
  • State - the state where service will be performed
  • Postal Code - the postal code where service will be performed
  • Resources - the resources that are scheduled on a job or clocked time on the job (if the job is complete)
  • Budgeted Hours - the total time you expect a job to take regardless of the number of resources working the job
  • Actual Hours - the total time worked on a job
  • Amount - the invoiced amount for the job (excluding tax)
  • Actual $/Man Hr - the amount of money you made per hour spent on a job
  • Bdgt $/Man Hr - the amount of money you planned to make per hour spent on a job
  • Rating  - this will tell you if you are ahead (green) or behind (red) your targeted revenue; a comparison of actual to budgeted dollars per man hour
  • Status - the status of the job

Note: The report tracks multi-day visits from the first scheduled date. The visits will appear on the report after completion.



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