Revenue and Budgeted Hours Projection

This report shows the projected budgeted staff hours and revenue for the next 12 months. It can help you identify budgeting inaccuracies, such as overestimating your budgeted hours.

The report is based on all currently scheduled visits, except for canceled visits, within the month. It also includes visits regardless of invoice status, Waiting List visits, and expired visits that are still on the Waiting List.


The columns on this report are fairly straightforward. Services will be divided into service modes - Contract, Hourly, Per Visit - and the Budgeted Hours will be displayed for each month based on service mode. For hourly services, the report will calculate the budgeted hours times the hourly rate for the Service. If B. Hrs are not entered then the system will assume 1 hour. The Total at the bottom of the table for the Total column will be the total combined revenue from all service modes.

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