Package Summary Report

This report shows each Package and how many completed steps versus how many to-be-executed steps are left in the Package. The report can be filtered by an individual Package:


The columns in this report are as follows:

  • Service - The name of each round in the Master Package.
  • First - The first scheduled date for the round.
  • Last - The last scheduled date for the round.
  • Days - The number of dispatched visits (not completed).
  • # Done - The number of completed visits.
  • # Left - The number of visits in "pending" status.
  • Earned - The revenue earned from completed visits.
  • Pending - The revenue earned from "pending" visits.

You can click these columns to see all clients in the list who have been or need to be dispatched. The column at the bottom shows the total number of visits, their total revenue, and the revenue average per visit.

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