Over / Under Report

This report lists budgeted versus actual visits, hours, and revenue for Contracts and Installment Plans. This report must be filtered by the client and additionally by a client's contract:


The information in the table will be divided into three sections with columns in each:

Contract Services

  • Service - The line item on the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Budgeted Visits – The quantity of visits on the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Actual Visits – The completed visits that were billed to the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Budgeted Hours – The total budgeted hours for the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Actual Hours – The actual recorded time spent on the visits billed to the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Budgeted Contract Revenue – The total projected revenue for each month of the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Actual Contract Revenue – The sum of the yearly invoiced amount for Contract/Installment Plan invoices.
  • Non-Contract Revenue – The sum of non-contract line items on Contract/Installment Plan invoices

Earned Income

  • Contract Value – This shows the monthly invoice amount for the Contract/Installment Plan. It does not include added Products.
  • Contract Earned – This originates from the service rate or added products on an invoice for a Job, regardless of the Contract/Installment Plan amount.
  • Over / Under – This compares the difference between the rate applied for a visit versus the rate applied to a Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Non Contract Earned – The rate for the same service not completed under the Contract/Installment Plan.
  • Total Earned – This combines Contract Earned and Non Contract Earned columns.
  • Contract Payments – This field shows the Contract/Installment Plan payment amount and the month it was recorded in the system. It’s possible to divide this payment and apply portions of it to multiple months, but only the original contract payment amount appears in this field under the month it’s recorded. This is the only field that includes any tax paid.

Service Details

  • Service - The service completed for the client.
  • Date - The date the service was completed.
  • Resource - The resource assigned to the Job.
  • Budgeted Hours - The budgeted hours on the Job.
  • Actual Hours - The actual hours it took to complete the Job.
  • Rate - The rate assigned to the Job.
  • Contract - This shows whether or not the Job was assigned to the Contract/Installment Plan on the current filter.
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