Set Up an Automation to Send a QDS Survey

Before you can set up Automations to send QDS surveys, you will need to set up the integration between QDS and SA. Using Automations to send your QDS surveys give you more flexibility and control. Follow these steps to set up the automation that will send the survey:

  1. Go to Marketing > Automations.
  2. Click Add Automation.
  3. In the Automation Information box, name the Automation “QDS Survey” or something similar.
  4. Click Add a Sequence in the Automation pane. 

  5. Enter a Name and Description
  6. For the Restrict Entry To dropdown list, select who will receive the QDS survey, such as “Clients.”
  7. For Allow Re-Entry, click the slider to green (allow) to ensure that the client can receive more than one survey, then set the number of days between surveys. 7 days is typically a safe option.
  8. For Start Sequence Triggers, select the action, such as “Job was completed” and then select all the services that would trigger sending a survey. The overlay will look something like this when complete: 


          Note: You don’t need to add a Stop Sequence, this automation sends the survey only one time.

  1. Click Save Sequence.
  2. If you want to send the survey in a certain time frame, add a Wait Period and enter options in the Edit Wait Period Event overlay.
  3. Drag the survey into your automation. In the Edit Survey Event overlay, select which survey to send from the Survey dropdown list.

Pro Tip: You might create a simple survey for each month of the year. Then, each month, you can quickly swap them out in the automation, Or more advanced automations users could add a date range to the surveys.

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