Client Services Report

This report shows active Services for each Client. You can filter this report by Custom Field, Service, Customer, and whether or not you want assignments to show:


Columns in this report are as follows:

  • Client - The name on the client Account.
  • Package/Schedule - The name of the Package, Master Schedule, or job type.
  • Work Order - Shows whether or not a Job is also a Work Order.
  • Service - The Service on the Job.
  • Rate - The rate for the Job.
  • Quantity - The quantity on the job.
  • Amount - The total amount for the Job.
  • Budgeted Hours - The budgeted hours allotted to the Job.
  • Address 1 - The first line of the service address.
  • Address 2 - The second line of the service address.
  • City - The service address city.
  • State - The service address state.
  • Postal Code - The postal (zip) code for the service address.
  • MapCode - The Map Code assigned to the Account.
  • Cell Phone - The cell phone number assigned to the Account.
  • Fax - The fax number assigned to the Account.
  • Home Phone - The home phone number assigned to the Account.
  • Other Phone - The other phone number assigned to the Account.
  • Latitude - The latitude for the service address.
  • Longitude - The longitude for the service address.
  • Resources - The Resources assigned to the Job. This field will only appear if "Show Assignments" is selected in the filters.
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