Sales by Date Sold Detail Report

This report shows Services sold by each Sales Rep, grouped by master Job. Sales are included after the Services are completed and according to the Date Sold, which is based on when the Service was scheduled. This report has several filters:


The columns on this report will vary slightly depending on your Custom Fields and Services offered. All Services and Custom Fields will be selected by default if the filters are not set. You also have the option to include Products including if they have not yet been Invoiced. This report does not include tax in any field.

If you include Discounts in this report, it will not generate an additional column. Rather, the Discount amount will be deducted from the Service rate after the Visit is invoiced. If the Visit is not invoiced, the Discount amounts will not be deducted unless you select the check box “Include Uninvoiced Products/Discounts.”

If completed under a Contract, the scheduled Service will appear at the scheduled rate, not by the default Contract Service and set monthly amounts. If a Visit is set to a Custom Schedule, it multiplies the set rate of the Service by the number of days in the schedule. For example, if the Custom Schedule is set to 8 days and the set rate is $25 per Service, the report will show $200.

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