Sales Activity Summary Report

This report shows which Sales Rep sold which Services and to whom. Services and products must be scheduled and completed on the Dispatch Board to appear on the report. This report can be filtered by Sales Rep and date range:


The columns in this report are as follows:

  • Sales Rep - The Sales Rep listed in the Details tab of the Master Job.
  • Total - The full invoiced amount. This does not include products or services added to the invoice after it’s generated.
  • Client Name - The name of the client who was serviced.
  • Schedule Date  - The date when the Visit was completed.
  • Service Amt - The amount on the Service before Discounts.
  • Product Amt - The amount on the Product before Discounts.
  • Amt Tax  - The total amount taxed on each Service or Product.
  • Address - The service address.
  • City  - The service city.
  • State - The service state.
  • Postal Code  - The service postal code.

Services completed under a Contract will appear according to their scheduled rate amounts. This report will not generate the Service name, Product name, Discounts applied on an Invoice or Visit, or any Service or Product added to an Invoice after the Visit is complete.

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