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Two-way Texting is a feature available to all Members who have Automations enabled (a Pro Plus subscription). It can be added to any sequence within an Automation. Before you can use this feature, you need to choose a plan and cost associated with it.

Note: After subscribing to and selecting a phone number, you won’t be able to transfer it to another phone service provider. This is because SA uses Twilio as the only third-party service provider for text message integration.

To subscribe to Two-way Texting, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings > CRM >Two-Way Texting.


  2. Click Subscribe. This will display the Purchase Phone Number overlay. 

  3. Select a Subscription Level from the dropdown list.
  4. Type in an Area Code (You may need to select an area code that is closer to a bigger metropolitan area).
  5. Choose an option for the first three numbers of your phone number:
    Any Prefix: to let the system assign your number
    Specify a Prefix: enter a three-digit number
  6. Click Purchase. Specifying a prefix does not guarantee you will get it. It’s all based on availability. If there are no matches for your specifications, you will get an error message stating that β€œAn error has occurred: There are no available phone numbers for this area code/prefix. Please select a different area code/prefix and try again.”
  7. Select a Phone Number, then click Purchase


Cancel Text Messaging Subscription

  1. Go to: Settings > CRM > Two-Way Texting.
  2. Click Cancel Text Messaging Subscription.

  3. A confirmation message appears. Click OK to confirm the cancellation.

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