Modify a Table

You can customize an analysis table by clicking the gear icon at the top of the table:


You can modify the analysis table in the following ways:

  • Columns – select from a list of columns to hide or show:

  • Sort – sort a row's cell values (Data Column) in ascending or descending order (Order Direction) and replace or remove column order once it has been ordered (Sort Order Columns):

  • Group – organize rows with grouping and sub-grouping (Grouping Column), replace or remove groups ("Groups"), and exclude details rows ("Detail Rows"):

  • Aggregate – this will calculate totals and/or averages. Set an Aggregate Function for specific Data Columns, replace or remove them ("Aggregates"), choose a position for the calculation results ("Layout"), and Hide Function Names:

  • Paging – choose to show all rows or split by paging and designate how many rows to
    show per page:


You can also modify the table on the table itself. Hover over the left side of any column header to reveal the dots:


Drag and drop to change the column order. The dots on the right side of the column will change the width of the column. Click the center of any column to reveal more options of how to adjust the column:



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