Create a Custom Analysis

An analysis is not a report, it is the data you can use for a report. You can add as many analyses as you want to a report but it might not be efficient to have multiple analyses. Creating an analysis is the first step to creating a report once you have determined your goal and plan for what it is you are creating. 

There is no one correct way to create a custom analysis. Here are the basic steps to create an analysis.

  1. Go to Reports > Report Center.
  2. Click Create Analysis

  3. Select Data from the dropdown list. Selecting one data set will populate the data points available within the set and additional related sets that can be selected. 

  4. Click OK to generate a table.

From this point, there are numerous additional directions for your analysis to go. Sometimes, an analysis is as simple as a table if this accomplishes your goal. You can also add Formulas, Charts, and Crosstabs

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