Backlog Services Report

This report is a catalog of Waiting List Visits that are still waiting to be completed. This report can be useful in helping you identify any Master Package rounds that have been missed. Many filters can be applied:


The columns in this report are as follows:

  • Client Name - The name on the client Account to be serviced.
  • Client Address - The address to be serviced.
  • Source - The source of the client Account.
  • Last Contact - The last point of contact with the client.
  • Service - The Job to be performed.
  • Start Date - The earliest date the Job can be started.
  • End Date - The latest date the Job can be finished.
  • Date Sold - The date the Job was sold. This defaults to the date the Job was created.
  • Sub Status - Any sub-status assigned to the Job. This typically prevents completion.
  • Budgeted Hours - The budgeted hours for the Job.
  • Actual Hours - The actual hours worked on the Job.
  • Budgeted Amount - The hourly amount you expect to make on the Job based on the budgeted hours.
  • Actual Amount - The actual amount on the Job to be invoiced.
  • Sales Rep - The Sales Rep who sold the job.
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