Revenue Per Service Report

This report compares budgeted hours versus actual hours, and the amount of Visits within a specific time frame:


The columns in this report are as follows:

  • Client Name - The name on the client Account to be serviced.
  • Client Address - The address to be serviced.
  • Service - The scheduled Service.
  • Status -The status of the scheduled Service.
  • Date - The date the Service was scheduled.
  • Budgeted Hours - The budgeted hours on the Job.
  • Actual Hours - The actual hours clocked on the Job.
  • Budgeted Amount - The rate on the Job.
  • Actual Amount - The sum of clocked hours on the Job divided by the budgeted hours times the budgeted amount. If the sum of clocked hours on the Job exceeds the budgeted hours on the Job, then the actual amount is capped at the budgeted amount.
  • Last Payment DateĀ - The date of the most recent payment.
  • ResourcesĀ - The resource(s) on the Job.
  • Sales Rep - The Sales Rep assigned to the Job on the Details tab of the Job record.

Note: This report does not include Products, Discounts, or Other Charges and does not reflect invoice revenue.

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