Revenue by Service Summary Report

This report shows what a Service has produced historically for quick comparison. You can use different filters to select the unit of time and date range.

  • Period
    • Yearly – Only that year
    • Quarterly – Four columns for a single year (can be expanded if you increase the number of years in the date range)
    • Monthly – Twelve columns, one for every month
    • Weekly – 52 columns a year based on the date range settings
  • Summarize by – can be either by Invoice date or Visit date

You can also opt to include Products and/or Discounts.

Note: This report is data-intensive and may slow or stop your web browser as it’s processing.


This report is designed to be viewed at a glance so the content is limited. If there are points of comparison within the table, there will be green up arrows or red down arrows to reflect the change in revenue across time. 

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