A/R Aging Report

This report shows unpaid Invoices for the current period, and for the last 30, 60, and 90+ days, so you can see how long they’ve been open (outstanding). The date filter changes how the current open Invoices appear on the report and is not a snapshot of the actual date. The date is set according to the billing term for the Client. If the billing terms for a Client are set to Net 15, they will not appear in the past date range until 15 days after the Invoice is opened without Payment. The Invoices will remain in the "Current" column. For Clients with billing terms set to Due on Receipt, the Invoice will automatically appear in the "1 - 30" column.


Click any entry in the "Client Name" column to see a list of the Client’s past due Invoices.

Note: This report is not a typical A/R Aging Report by general accounting standards. It is not a “time capsule” report. It shows only your current Invoices as they stand today. Setting the date back does not prevent more recent Payments from being taken into account, so you can't see what Invoices were open on a specific date in the past, only the Invoices that are open today.

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