Sales Commission Export Report

This report shows Services sold by Sales Rep. Data on this report appears only after a payment is applied to the invoice. You can filter this report by date range, Sales Rep, or Service. 


The columns in this report are as follows:

  • Invoice Date - The date of the Invoice.
  • Date Paid - The date the Payment was applied to the Invoice.
  • Invoice # - The Invoice number.
  • Client - The name on the client Account.
  • Service - The Service on the Invoice.
  • Class - The class of the Service on the Invoice.
  • Amount - The line item amount on the Invoice.
  • Sales Rep - The Sales Rep on the Master Job record.
  • Is Contract - Qhether the Visit is billed to an Installment Plan.

This report does not include tax in any amount. Discounts will only be included if they were added to a Service from the Master Job rather than the Invoice.

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