Document Editor - Overview

The Document Editor allows you to create all manner of custom documents that can be reused or copied such as emails, marketing materials, and estimate documents. It can save you a lot of time, especially when emailing your Clients while creating professional-looking documents that match your business and brand. 

You can download pre-built Documents from the Marketplace by searching for relevant items. You can also build Documents from scratch for completely customized content. Many Members opt to start from a download and then customize from there. 

Access your Documents by going to Settings > Documents. This will take you to your list of Documents:


The "New" badge on the far right of any Document indicates that it was built with the "new" Document Editor. This means you can include dynamic content and the full functionality the Document Editor has to offer. If you download any Documents from the Marketplace, they will appear in this list. This is also where you will find any Documents you have created. To edit an existing Document, click the name. To add a new Document, click the Add Document button in the upper right corner. This will open a name wizard:


Once you fill out the wizard and click Save you will be redirected to the Document Editor where you will be prompted to select a template to begin your new Document:


Using a template is a great way to get started quickly. Once you create one Document, remember that you can copy from that existing Document. This is useful for things like emails where you may want many different messages with consistent branding. If you select the blank option, you'll be taken directly to the editor. The top navigation bar offers several features:


  • Print your Document so you can see how it looks on paper
  • Preview your Document in a new window to see it as the user will
  • Send Test Email is how you can send a test to yourself. Please not that Merge Tags will not work in the test email.
  • Show Structure will show you the background architecture of your Document
  • Edit Settings is how you can rename your Document or change the Document Settings you see from the list screen
  • Save will save your changes
  • Close will close the editor and take you back to the list

Before you can add any content such as text or pictures, you will first need to add Rows so your content has somewhere to go. Click the "Rows" tab in the toolbar at the right to see your options:


Then, click and drag a Row into the body of your Document. Once you have at least one Row, you can drag a Content panel into that Row and begin customizing. If you want to see the history of a Document or revert your changes, use the buttons in the lower left of the editor:


To save your changes or close the editor, use the buttons in the upper-right corner of the screen:


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