Job Cost Summary Report

This report shows revenue versus cost to see how profitable each provided service was. 


While not as detailed as the Job Costing Report, this report still provides a lot of useful information about budgeted hours versus actual hours at a glance. Many of these columns are calculated the same way the Job Costing Report is, as seen below:

  • Actual Rev Total - The invoiced rate for both the Service and any Products attached to the Service.
  • Bgt/Man Hr - The rate entered on the job level divided by the budgeted hours.
  • Actual Rev/Man Hr - The invoiced rate for the service divided by the actual time spent on the job. This column will also have red and green arrows. These arrows indicate whether or not the Service was profitable.
  • Actual Time Variance - The difference between budgeted and actual hours. 
  • Target Over (Under) - The difference between the actual dollars per man hour earned and the target dollars per man hour desired (entered on the Service level).
  • Products Actual Cost - The actual cost of the Products used on the Service (as opposed to what was initially assigned to the job).
  • Labor Cost - The average cost per Resource times the number of Resources on the job.
  • Drive Effect Cost - The labor costs accrued during drive time.
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