Cost of Goods Sold Report

This report shows revenue and cost by Service in a defined time frame, based on each Visit. This report can be filtered by date and Service. You can also include completed Jobs or filter out Jobs that do not have recorded times or amounts.


This report includes many calculations and has reference information for most columns listed at the bottom. The columns are as follows:

  • Name - This is the Service name. This report is categorized by Service name regardless of the number of times that Service was completed within the specified date range.
  • Cost - The percentage of revenue for a particular Service that accounts for labor costs (before indirect costs, overhead, and more). If the cost is 10% then 90% of your revenue is profit (90 cents on the dollar).
  • B. Hrs - The total amount of time a job is anticipated to take regardless of the number of Resources that will be working the job.
  • A. Hrs - The hours incurred while performing the job.
  • Gross Sales - The gross revenue generated for the Service for the specified date range. This is based on the invoiced amount for the Service, excluding Products.
  • Labor Cost - This is the estimated cost of labor based on the employee’s Hourly Rate on the Employee Settings screen. If the Burden is included on that screen, then the burden is included on the estimate. Otherwise, the burden is not included. Overtime is not considered. This number is an estimate as not all labor costs can be tracked in SA.
  • Materials - This is the cost of Products attached to the Visit. This number is based on the "Cost Per" field on the Product level and the amount of Product Invoiced for the Service. 
  • Direct Cost - These are expenses that are billed to the job. These are usually only used for things like equipment rental or subcontractors.
  • Gross Profit- This is the Gross Sales minus Labor Cost and Materials
  • C/M. Hr - This is the cost to perform one staff hour of work for this Service, excluding materials. This number is based on the Cost versus Actual Hours.
  • C/M.Hr.M - This is the cost of performing one staff hour of work for this Service, including materials. This number is based on the CostActual Hours, and Materials columns.
  • A.$/M.Hr - This is the actual dollars per man hour, the gross revenue earned per staff hour of performed work. 
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