Estimates by Stage Report

This report shows a list of all Estimates within a certain time frame according to their stage. It can be filtered by date, Sales Rep, Estimate Stage, Estimate Reason, or Custom Field:


The columns in the report are as follows:

  • Stage - The stage of the Estimate.
  • Est. Value - The value of the Estimate.
  • Client Type - The Account type of "Client" or "Lead".
  • Source - The source of the Account.
  • Prob % - How likely the Estimate is to be won.
  • Fiscal Period - The fiscal quarter and year.
  • Age - The age of the Estimate in days.
  • Estimate Date - The date on the Estimate.
  • Created - The date the Estimate was created.
  • Client Name - The name of the client.
  • Postal Code - The zip code of the client.
  • Map Code - The Map Code assigned to the client.
  • Sales Rep - The Sales Rep assigned to the Estimate.
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