Damage Report

This report shows damage costs for a selected time frame. The date range is based on the date and time on a damage To Do Type. 


Damage Cases are a type of To Do. When To Do Types are created (Settings > To Do & Call Types), you will have the option to select a checkbox next to Is Damage. This is what determines whether a To Do is also a Damage Case. Damage To Do's have additional fields that other types of To Do's do not have.  You can manage all Damage Cases easily by going to Settings > Damage Cases

This report will display information from Damage To Do's including the information below:

  • Damage Date - the date recorded on the Damage Date/Time field on the "Details" tab of the To Do.
  • Hard Cost - the amount recorded on the Total Cost field on the "Details tab of the To Do. This would be the dollar value of the damaged property.
  • Labor Cost - the Budgeted Man Hrs entered on the to do times the hourly labor cost of the Resource assigned to the To Do.
  • Total CostHard Cost plus Labor Cost (the two previous columns in the report).
  • Created By - the user who created the Damage Case.
  • Description - the information entered in the open text field on the "To Do" tab of the Damage Case.
  • Damaged By - the Resource selected in the Damage By field on the "Details" tab of the To Do.
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