Sales Tax Report

This report shows the sales tax collected in a defined time frame.


The columns in this report will display the name of the sales tax, the total amount of sales for each tax reference (taxable and non-taxable), the amount of sales that were non-taxable and taxable, the tax rate, the amount collected, and the amount to be paid to the given sales tax agency. Totals can be found at the bottom of the table. 

Click any Tax Name to see the Sales Tax Detail report for that tax reference:


There is some reference information at the bottom of the report regarding Payments and Credits:

If the payment is:

  • Unapplied - The report cannot calculate it into a taxable sale.
  • Prepayment - The report will utilize the invoice date rather than the payment date.
  • Partial - The amount of the applied tax will be proportional to the percentage of the amount paid. This statement also applies to non-taxable sales.

A Credit Memo will subtract from the taxable sale amount based on the selected date. This statement also applies to non-taxable sales.

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