User Rights - Overview

User Rights are the permissions assigned to each User Role. They determine what areas of the system a user can view or modify. There are hundreds of different rights and they are divided into different tabs on the overlay for each role. Each tab corresponds to a different area of SA and most are found within the navigation bar of the main site:

  • Home - This tab controls general access to Settings, Reports, the My Day page, Marketplace, and other access not covered in the other tabs
  • CRM - This tab has all the rights concerning clients and features found under the CRM tab of the navigation bar. Look here for rights pertaining to Clients, Leads, Account-related reports, Tickets, Tags, Email Activity, Text Messages, Automation Access, Auto Assist Access, and Forms.
  • Scheduling - This tab has rights concerning internal operations including all scheduling functions, scheduling reports, Job Access, the Company Directory, Employees, Vendors, and Chemical Tracking.
  • Accounting - This tab has rights concerning financial information including general access (Payments, Credits, etc.), accounting reports, Statistic Access, access to Classes, and access to Payroll.
  • Mobile - This tab has rights concerning the mobile apps (the Legacy app and the Team app). There are more rights that apply exclusively to the Legacy app than to the Team app. 

The remaining articles in this series explain User Rights in greater detail. Additionally, you can view all information pertaining to User Roles & Rights in the user guide

Assign Rights to SA Users

To assign or change rights assigned with any user role, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > User Roles & Rights.
  2. Click a Role name.
  3. Click one of the tabs: Home, CRM, Scheduling, Accounting, or Mobile.
  4. Check or uncheck the boxes for each individual right, or click the checkbox at the top of a column to select all rights in the column. Definitions for each user right are detailed in the user guide.
  5. Click Save.
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