Chemical Tracking Overview

Here is a quick view of the process for setting up and using Chemical Tracking. This is the overall workflow for Chemical Tracking, not a complete list of setup. There are two parts: setup and operations.

  1. Set up Chemical tracking under Settings
  2. Add a Job, then add the chemical service to the job. You can add a chemical service to any of the four job types: one time, recurring, package, and waiting list.
  3. Finish setting up the job as you would for any other.
  4. The master job appears under the Add a Job section of the client’s account, and the job details appear under More > View Upcoming.


  5. The Waiting List and/or Dispatch Board shows the job for scheduling.
  6. After the jobs have been dispatched, you can see them on both a printed Chemical Route Sheet and/or the Chemical Usage screen on the Legacy app.
  7. After the technician logs the chemicals and the completes the job, the chemicals will appear on the Chemical Tracking report.
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