Planned Chemical Usage Report

Before starting a chemical tracking job, you can print the Planned Chemical Usage report so the technician will know what chemicals and how much of each to take in the field. This report will tell the technician the overall quantities of product to load on the truck and the individual quantities for each client they will service on the date or date range you choose for the report.
To filter this report by resource, select from the "Resource" dropdown list. 

You can access the report from the Dispatch Board (Scheduling > Dispatch Board (New) > More > Chemical Tracking:


The Chemical Tracking option will only appear if you have chemical jobs scheduled for the date range you are currently viewing on the Dispatch Board. From the Chemical Tracking Wizard overlay, click the Usage Report button in the upper right corner:


The report will open in a new tab and will look something like this:


Chemical Totals refer to the overall quantity of each chemical that is to be used for the day. The Chemical Usage portion will display the client's name, the client's address, and the chemical quantity that is to be used at the property. There is a separate row for each job. 

Note: Concentrate and water amounts are displayed separately to help your technicians load their tanks properly.  Concentrate amounts are truncated to four decimal places. 
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