Why Use Chemical Tracking?

The Chemical Tracking feature is available with the Service Autopilot Pro and Pro Plus membership. Benefits include:

  • Help to ensure your compliance with state regulations.
  • Service Autopilot automatically calculates the quantities of chemicals to apply at each property.
  • Reports help you before and after Chemical jobs. See the article "Planned Chemical Usage Report" and Chemical Tracking Report for more information.
  • If the Chemical Tracking report doesn’t have all the data you need for your state requirements, you can create a Form to enhance the report.

Before You Start

This is an advanced feature that requires viewing the webinar before functionality is enabled.

If Chemical Tracking is not currently enabled on your account, see the webinar; then contact Member Support and mention that you have watched this webinar to have Chemical Tracking enabled.

Need Help with Forms?

Check out the training video, user guide, and articles on Forms.

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