Set Up Email Templates for Chemical Tracking

There are a few different ways of communicating information about chemical products and services to your clients through SA. These include:

  • Client Instruction Emails to notify clients what chemicals have been applied to their property and any necessary follow-up care.
  • Recommendation Instruction Emails are emails that are general recommendation emails about a client's property that were noticed while you were on site and not necessarily an upsell opportunity.
  • Upsale Emails to let clients know about other services and products they have not yet purchased but would supplement current service.

If you want your technician to send any of these emails, they can do so from the Legacy Mobile app. If not, your technician can simply add a Job Comment to the job to notify office personnel that an email needs to be sent and why. 


Create Client Instruction Emails

In many areas, it's a legal requirement that you provide the client with a list of chemicals that were applied to their property as well as any follow up instructions or warnings. You can communicate this information via a Client Instruction Email. You have the option to send these emails from the Dispatch Board or Legacy app.

You can create a different instruction email for chemicals which require specific instructions. If you’re not required to give specific instructions, you can create a generic instruction email.

Tip: Always make the subject line indicate the content of the email. This allows the technician to quickly find the correct email on the Legacy app. This subject line will appear in the subject line to the client, so use common language that they will understand.

  1. Go to Settings > Client Instruction Emails.
  2. Click Add Instruction Email to add a new email. 
  3. Fill out the Add Instruction Email overlay. The list at the right are a list of personalization fields. Click any to add it to the email. mceclip0.png
  4. Click Save or Save & New to add additional emails quickly.


Create Recommendation Instruction Emails

These emails are general recommendations for the client regarding their property, typically based on observations your technician or team has made at their property. These might include recommendations such as future treatments, watering instructions, damage, or something you want to notify the client about.

  1. Go to  Settings > Recommendation Instruction Emails.
  2. Click Add Recommendation Email.
  3. Fill out the Add Email overlay. 
  4. Click Save or Save & New to add additional emails quickly.


Create Upsale Instruction Emails

You can send these emails to the client suggesting additional services you offer. They may or may not relate to the chemicals you applied to the property.

  1. Go to Settings > Upsale Instruction Emails.
  2. Click Add Upsale Email.
  3. Fill out the email overlay.
  4. Click Save or Save & New to add additional emails quickly.
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