Create a Chemical Mix

Mix lets you specify the ratio of two or more liquid products to water, which are then added to a container such as a large tank or backpack sprayer. You won't be able to set up Mixes until you have added all the component Chemical Products you need to your account. To set up a new Mix, follow these steps:

  1. To create a mix, go to Settings > Products, then create a new chemical as a Product.

  2. When you fill in the EPA Registration # field, you can add the URL for the EPA website. You’ll see that link when you use the Chemical Tracking wizard.

  3. On the “Product Mix” tab, select the radio button for either Mixed with Water or Mixed with Products, then select the products and quantities to mix.

    Note: The Mixed with Products option is new with the November 12, 2021 release.
  1. The Make Default check box designates an application method and application rate as the default for the Mix.
    Select this check box when you have an application method and rate that you use more often. It will be the first option that appears when you use the Chemical wizard.

  2. Create additional application methods by clicking the link Add another application rate.
    Note: You can create multiple application rates, but you can have only one application method per product.

  3. Click Save to save and exit, or click Save & New to save and create another chemical product.
  4. If needed, add instructions on the “Instructions” tab. These can be torn off of the Route Sheet and left at the property.

  5. Click Save or Save & New to quickly add a new Mix. 
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