Chemical Tracking Wizard

The Chemical Tracking Wizard is a tool on the Dispatch Board that allows you to manage all chemical tracking services within a single overlay. This can include:

  • Adjusting quantities of chemicals that were used on a job
  • Adding new chemicals that were used
  • Viewing reports related to future and past chemical applications
  • Displaying weather conditions and pH settings, if these General Settings are enabled

You can access the wizard from the Dispatch Board by hovering over the More dropdown list and selecting "Chemical Tracking":


This will open the Chemical Tracking Wizard:


It is divided by Job with the number of Chemical Jobs listed at the top of the overlay. Use the buttons at the top-right to access the Planned Chemical Usage Report and the Chemical History for the property currently in the view. 

The "Conditions" section will apply to all Jobs when a value is entered. This is where you can manage Products, Mixes, and Form responses. To confirm the Product used, click the Used button. Clicking the name of any item will allow you to edit it including the application rate and mix ratio. Use the pencil icons to modify the Areas Treated or Application Method

With the applicable User Rights, mobile user will be able to modify all fields seen on the Chemical Tracking Wizard from the Legacy Mobile App. 


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