Chemical Tracking on the Legacy App

Chemical Tracking features are available on the Legacy Mobile app for chemical jobs. Technicians can follow these steps to update Chemical Tracking jobs in the field.

  1. Log in and clock in to the Legacy Mobile app.
  2. Tap a Chemical Job to view the Job Details.


  3. Tap “Log Chemical Usage” to view chemical details.


  4. Tap the check box for all products you used at a property. This will display the information relevant to all Products. This is also where the user can update weather conditions. 


  5. To add additional Chemical Products, tap the “+” in the upper right corner.
  6. To see label instruction for the product, tap the View Label button. 
    Note: Label instructions must first be added to the product in the product list.
  7. To send an email to the client with client instructions, tap the cartoon bubble in the top right corner, below the “+”.
  8. Select an email template or select to manually type an email.
  9. Edit the email as needed. Any code you see in the body of an email template will not be visible once the email has been sent. 


  1. Tap Send in upper right corner to send the email.
  2. Tap the back-arrow button < to get back to the Job Details or the My Schedule screen. 


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