About Chemical Jobs

After completing Chemical Tracking setup you'll be ready to setup Chemical Jobs:

  • Existing jobs that include Chemical Services will now be designated as Chemical Jobs, so they will be tracked. You do not have to set up those jobs again.
  • New jobs can be set up as Chemical Jobs by adding a Chemical Service to any Job Type: One Time, Waiting List, Package, or Recurring.

Setting up a new Chemical Job is the same as you would set up any other. Simply choose a Chemical Service or Package comprised of Chemical Services to the Job. Once Services are added you can add Chemical Products to the Job in the same way as you would add any product unless the Chemical Products have been applied to the Service on the Service level. Chemical Jobs will have a difference on the "Details" tab of the Job overlay:


The Chemical Areas Treated field tells the technician what areas to treat for this job. This can be customized at the Job-level because the Areas Treated may vary by property from the default.

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