Close Out Day for Chemical Tracking

Chemical Jobs need to be closed out at the end of the day like any other Job. The Chemical Tracking Wizard can help you move easily from Job to Job to make sure details are accurate for billing. To access, hover over More and select "Chemical Tracking". This will open the Chemical Tracking Wizard:


After the Jobs are completed via the Legacy Mobile App, updates to Products and Jobs can be seen on this wizard. Anything entered on the Mobile App can of course be updated on the Chemical Tracking Wizard or the Dispatch Board. The Conditions fields are global updates unless values have already been entered for a particular Job. 

The buttons on the left toggle between (red) Used? and (green) Used. During Close Out Day for chemical jobs, verify that the appropriate chemical products have the green Used button next to them, indicating the Product was used in the quantity seen. 

Use the Next button at the bottom to move easily from Job to Job to review Products and quantities. 

If you send Client Instruction Emails from the Legacy Mobile app or from the full site, enable the Instruction Emails Sent column on your Close Out Day view on the Dispatch Board. To do this, hover over the column selection at the top right of the table and select the column. The column will populate at the right side of the grid as an icon, to the left of Products and Job Notes. The icon will change when an Instruction Email has been sent. 


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