Print Chemical Tracking Route Sheets

For your technicians who are not using the Legacy Mobile App, you have the option of printing Route Sheets. There are two different formats with and without payment coupons which will pull the chemical product information into the sheet so it can be torn off and left on site when work is completed. 

To print chemical Route Sheets, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Scheduling > Dispatch Jobs.
  2. Check next to every job that needs to be dispatched then go to Actions > Dispatch.
  3. Click Print at the top right corner of the Dispatch Board. 
  4. Select the Resource, Date, and override format at the top of the page. The options for Chemical Route Sheets will be at the bottom of the list. mceclip0_-_2020-11-11T100336.084.png
  5. Click Print again to open the pages in a new tab and view the print dialog.

Chemical route sheets print in landscape format. If you use perforated paper, the Technician can tear the paper in half, leave one half at the property with custom instructions for the client, and fill out the other half to return to the office for your records.

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