V3 Tickets List – Overview

You can find the Tickets List by going to CRM > Tickets. The first time you access this page, no filters will be applied and no Tickets will display in the table:


Filters will be very useful on this page, particularly if you are generating a lot of Tickets due to things like Automations or bulk emails. To get started quickly, click All Saved Filters at the left to view a list of common filters:


Once a filter is selected, the table will reload to only display the filtered results and your selected filter will display at the left. You can customize any common filter by adding additional filters and saving it for future use. You can also create new filters from scratch. Any saved custom filters will appear on the All Saved Filters list on the column labeled “Added by me”.

At the top right of the screen you can click Add Ticket to add a new Ticket or click Edit Table to manage which columns you see in the table and the order in which they appear. You can also move columns in the table by hovering at the left to reveal the double-dotted line:


Click and drag on the double-line to re-position the column. You can also click on the double-arrows on the right side of the column to sort the column in ascending or descending order. 

Any of the blue text is a clickable link. Click on a Ticket Number to open the Ticket itself. Click any Account name to open the Account. To reveal more actions, check the box next to one or more Tickets to change the menu on the left:


Click Advanced Actions to update the Status, Close, or Delete any one or multiple Tickets:


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