V3 Tickets List Screen - Filters

Filters are critical to using the Tickets Screen (CRM > Tickets). By default, when you access the page, it will be filtered for all Tickets updated within the past 60 days. To better curate the information you see, you can choose one of the pre-built filters by clicking All Saved Filters at the left side of the page to view the list of Common Filters:


Any filters you create will appear here as well under Added by me. If there is very specific information you want to see, it's a good idea to create your own filters. To get started, click Add Filter from the Tickets Screen:


This will reveal the list of all possible filters:

  • Account/Vendor Name
  • Assignments
  • Is Important
  • Last Updated Date
  • Ticket Categories
  • Ticket Due Date
  • Ticket Number
  • Ticket Past Due
  • Ticket Status
  • Ticket Type
  • Vendors

Each filter has different criteria. Click on any of them to set specific parameters. Once you've applied a filter, it will appear on the left in a gray box:


From here, if the results do not give you what you are looking for you can click the "x" to delete the filter or click Add filter to apply additional filters. If you are finished adding filters, click Save. This will open the Save dialog. Give your filter a name and click Save:


You will remain on that filtered view but the name will now be updated:


To create a new filter when you are on a current filter view, click Clear all filters to start over. 

In addition to filtered results, you can use the search bar at the top of the table to find Accounts within the results. Using the search bar will not add results to your search if they aren't already within the filter parameters.

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