Add a Note or Call to an Existing Ticket

Two of the options on the Ticket Review overlay are to add a Note or add a Call. Clicking either button will create a new Ticket that is related to the original one. To add a new Ticket to an existing Ticket, use the following steps:

  1. Navigate to a Ticket Review overlay.
  2. Click Add Note or Add Call.
  3. Fill out the Add Ticket overlay the way you would with any other Ticket. Your cursor will auto-focus in the body of the Note or Call so you can begin typing immediately and the subject will copy from the Ticket. 
  4. If this Note or Call concerns a Calendar Event that needs to be scheduled, you can create the event by checking the box to Create a follow up event.
  5. Adjust the Ticket Status if needed. It will default to β€œopen”.
  6. Click Save.
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