Change the Status of a Ticket

The Status of a Ticket indicates what further action is required on it:

  • Open – this status indicates that some further internal action is required, such as a follow-up with the client or that a Calendar Event needs to be scheduled.
  • On hold – use this status if further progress on this Ticket requires action from a third party. Some examples would be if you were waiting for a part to arrive that you need for the Job or a sub-contractor needs to get you their availability.
  • Pending - this status is used when you’re waiting on something from the client in order to progress with the Ticket.
  • Closed – this status indicates the Ticket has been resolved and no further action is required.

Once a Ticket Status has been set, there are a few ways it can be modified.


Change the Status from the Tickets Screen

  1. Go to CRM > Tickets.
  2. Apply a filter to view the Tickets you need to modify.
  3. Check the box next to one or more Tickets.
  4. Click Advanced Actions.
  5. Click Update Status.
  6. Click the status you want to apply to the selected Tickets.

Change the Status from the Review Ticket Overlay

There are two ways to do this depending on if you just need to close a Ticket or if the Status needs to be modified to something other than “closed”:

  1. Navigate to a Review Ticket Overlay.
  2. Click Advanced Actions in the Actions menu.
  3. Click Close. A green confirmation message will appear in the upper-right of the screen and the Status will change to “closed” on the overlay.

Change the Status from the Activity Stream

  1. Navigate to a Review Ticket overlay.
  2. Click the most recent card in the Activity Stream.


  3. Select the desired Ticket Status at the bottom of the overlay.
    Note: Not all events in the Activity Stream will have this option.


  4. Click Save.
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