Release Notes | July 2020


July 10, 2020

It’s been a busy summer here at SA! Read on for news about cool training options, new enhancements to Automations and V3 Forms, speed improvements, and issues that we’ve addressed.

Training Updates

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains videos, user guides, and hundreds of articles for many features of Service Autopilot, including V3. You can search on a particular term, or browse the different categories for topics:

  1. On the bottom right of any SA screen, click
  2. In the HELP Menu, click Knowledge Base
  3. Browse the different categories for a full list of resources, or type a term

    into the Search box

New Member Webinars

We presented a series on getting up and running with Service Autopilot. Check out the recordings and FAQs at: HELP > Knowledge Base > Getting Started & Training.


User Guide

There’s a new Accounts User Guide for V3.




  • The Automation View for an automation instance now displays additional information:
  • If a visit triggered a sequence, users can see the service that triggered it and can quickly navigate to it to see more details.
  • The start and end date and time for the sequence now displays.
  • Triggers that are based on dates such as "Run on Date" or "Invoice Past Due" have been updated to improve performance.

Dispatch Board

  • We moved the Totals section to the top so they are easier to find.

V3 Forms

  • On the Form Builder, we added options to the “Configure” tab to let you create “Estimate” or “Contact Us” requests. These will appear on the My Day page when Forms are submitted.
  • We added V3 Forms to the Auto Assist menu on V2 screens, so any Forms created can be used with Auto Assist.
  • When you click the Publish button on a Form, a message now states that you must correct any must-fix items that are preventing the Form from publishing. The list is on the "Warnings" tab. We used to simply gray out the Publish button when there were must-fix issues, but you’ll now see more helpful information.
  • We updated the display order for some field mapping options on multiple choice and dropdown list fields to be consistent with other lists.
  • V2 and V3 Forms - We updated the Card Description field on Clearent Credit Card Update Forms to display “First and Last Name” for consistency.

Speed Improvements

We’ve installed some hot fixes in the past few weeks to address the speed issues that affected many Members. These include improvements to speed up processing on the Dispatch Board, Timeline, To Do’s, and Waiting List.

  • On the To Do’s list, we’ve reduced the number of records that appear in order to improve system speed. You’ll notice that the list now shows only the 30 most recent To Do’s. Click the Show More button to see additional To Do’s.

Updates to Correct System Issues

We hope these fixes make your day go a little better!


  • The “Invoice was Created” trigger was not activating if invoices with a frequency of “Daily” or “Print in Advance” were automatically marked as completed. This has been fixed.
  • On the “Invoice was Paid” condition, we removed a label and input for "within last X days" that appeared on the screen. This part of the condition did not really do anything, so it’s out of here.
  • If a document was linked to Automation events that are currently scheduled, such as Emails, and you updated that document and elected to update running instances, the changes to the document would not carry over correctly. This has been corrected.


V3 Forms

  • Using the keyboard arrow keys to modify text input while copying a Form would sometimes navigate users away from the Form. We fixed this.
  • Billing and Office Notes were displaying on the Update Account dialog even if no updates were made. We removed this.
  • Notification emails weren’t being sent correctly when the "From" name on the email contained a comma. This has been fixed, so commas can now be used.
  • QuickBooks Desktop - Previously, if you updated your accounts on the Form Responses List using the Update Account action, the accounts would not be updated in QuickBooks Desktop if you synced your data. This has been fixed.
  • QuickBooks Online – Previously, QBO was not receiving some accounts that were updated. We fixed this.
  • Tags - If any multiple choice and dropdown fields had no field mappings, but had tag rules set up, the tags would not be applied correctly. This has been fixed.
  • The Update Account dialog on the Form Responses list was displaying "Email and Print" instead of "Both." We changed it to "Both" for consistency.

V2 Forms

  • Forms confirmation and internal emails weren’t being sent correctly when the "From" name on the email contained a comma. This has been fixed, so commas can now be used.
  • QBO was not receiving some accounts that were updated. We fixed this.

Service Autopilot


  • Dispatch Board – In some cases, tabbing through billing modes would change job amounts on the Job EditThis has been fixed.
  • Dispatch Calendar - Some resource cards and day headers were not showing revenue totals. This has been corrected.


  • In some cases, invoices with a status of “Mail On Demand” were not updating properly. This has been fixed.
  • V3 Payments – Previously, some sub-account invoices had to be re-saved to allocate the payment. This has been corrected.


  • On the Edit Employee overlay (Team > Employees > (Employee) > Edit > “Payroll / Job Costing” tab), some Members were unable to change the toggle "Override Default Overtime Settings?”. This now works as expected.
  • On the Payroll report, we fixed an error in the calculation for overtime hours. Overtime hours now calculate correctly.


  • One-Time jobs were sometimes being scheduled on the wrong date. This has been corrected.
  • If you exported a Master Schedule, the client list was not included in the export. This has been fixed.

Waiting List

  • The Waiting List was sometimes not loading when navigating from a V3 screen. This has been fixed.


  • At CRM > Clients > (Client Name) > Activity > All Transactions, if you clicked “Show More,” all available transactions did not appear. This is fixed.
  • Accounts - Some international Members had an issue with invoices not appearing on the All Transactions overlay for individual accounts. This has been corrected.
  • Work Orders - Previously, the Description field on some V2 work orders was not updating properly. This has been fixed.


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