What are Tickets?

In previous versions of SA, there were multiple ways you could interact with clients – emails, To Do’s, Calls, Damage Cases, Touchpoints. Tickets streamlines all this functionality into a single feature.

With Tickets, you can email clients, record conversations with clients, and make internal notes that the client won’t see.

Another component of Tickets are Calendar Events. These are used the way you would have previously scheduled a To Do – for non-billable items that need to be completed in relation to an Account. Any time you have an issue with an Account, the issue can be documented, assigned, and resolved from start to finish within a single Ticket so you don’t have to hunt around for past notes and correspondence.

If you were previously using To Do’s in conjunction with other functionality such as Automations, you will not see any changes to that other functionality. All your Automations will work exactly the same and don’t require any sort of manual update on your part.

All To Do’s, Calls, and Damage Cases that existed in SA previous to the November 2020 release will have been automatically converted to Tickets and Calendar Events.

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