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There are several ways you can add a new Ticket throughout the system. Each one is detailed below. The Add Ticket overlay collects the same information regardless of how the overlay looks. On New SA screens, adding a new Ticket will open this overlay:


The following fields can be filled out:

  • Type – Select from Note, Call, or Event. Typically, a Call is for when a customer is spoken to over the phone or leaves a voicemail, whereas a Note is used for any other type of communication. Selecting Event will add more fields to the overlay. For complete instructions, see this article.
  • Account/Vendor – This field is optional. Use it when you need to create a Ticket that relates to a specific Vendor or Account. If you need to create a Ticket for a new Account, click the dropdown menu and select the blue Add Account link. This will open the Add Account overlay. You'll return to the Add Ticket overlay upon clicking Save
  • Ticket Category – This is a way of categorizing Tickets for your company’s most common uses. By default, "Uncategorized" will be selected. You can customize the default options by going to Settings > Ticket Categories.
  • Subject – This is a summary of why the Ticket exists.
  • Body – This offers space for additional details about the Ticket.
  • Status – This indicates what further action is required on the ticket. Further explanation about Statuses can be found here.
  • Assignment - This is the SA user the Ticket is assigned to. It defaults to the user currently signed in when creating the Ticket.
  • Due Date - If the Ticket requires action by a certain date, you can add a due date to it. 

Add a Ticket from the Tickets List Screen

  1. Go to CRM > Tickets.
  2. Click Add Ticket.
  3. Fill out the overlay that shows on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click Save.

Upon saving, you will see a message confirming your Ticket was created.

Add a Ticket from the Quick Add Icon

You can add a Ticket from any screen in SA by clicking the green Plus icon in the navigation bar. This is also known as the Quick Add icon.

  1. Click the Quick Add icon.
  2. Select Ticket.
  3. Fill out the overlay. If you're on a Classic (V2) screen, the overlay will have the same fields as previously listed but will look like this:


  4. Click Save.

Add a Ticket from a V2 Client Screen

  1. Navigate to a Client Account screen.
  2. Click the More dropdown menu.
  3. Select Add Ticket.


  4. The Account/Lead field will automatically populate. Fill out the remainder of the overlay.
  5. Click Save.

After the Ticket is saved, it'll be visible under the Activity Stream on the Client Account screen.

Add a Ticket from a New SA (V3) Account Overlay

  1. Navigate to the Account you want to add a Ticket to.
  2. Under the Actions menu, click Add Ticket.


  3. The Account/Lead field will automatically populate.  Fill out the remainder of the overlay.
  4. Click Save.

Add a Ticket to an Existing Ticket

If you need to update an existing Ticket, you'll do this by attaching a new Note or Call to the existing Ticket. This can be done from the primary Ticket (as listed here) or you can associate the new Ticket with the original one once it's created. 

  1. Navigate to the Ticket Review overlay for the Ticket you want to update (CRM > Tickets > [Select Ticket]).
  2. Depending on the type of Ticket you want to add, click Add Note or Add Call.
  3. Fill out the overlay:


  4. Use the checkbox in the lower left if you need to schedule a Calendar Event related to this Ticket. 
  5. Click Save.
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