Manage Ticket Categories

You can customize your Ticket Categories to help align Ticket functionality to your business needs. You might set them up for different types of issues that Clients commonly call in about or different things that may need to be done for Clients but aren’t billed to them as Services. To manage your Ticket Categories, use the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Ticket Categories in the “CRM” section.
  3. To add a new Category, click Add Category or go to Actions > Add Category.


  4. To edit an existing Category, click on the Description. This will open an overlay that looks the same as the “Add Category” overlay.


  5. Add or edit the Description The Wiki Page selection is optional.
  6. Modify the Display Order for the Ticket Category, if desired. This will change the order in which this item appears in the Ticket Category selection list throughout the system, including the Client Portal.
  7. Use the "Event Tags" tab to modify the Tags that apply to the Ticket Category (for use with Automations):


  8. Click Save.

New Categories will default to an “Active” status. Upon saving, the new Category will be visible on the Category selection list for all new or existing Tickets.

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