Release Notes | August 2020


August 14, 2020

We are always improving Service Autopilot. This update contains an improved Data Import Tool, minor changes to spruce up some V3 features, speed improvements, and a few issues that we corrected.

Enhanced Import Tool

We’ve improved our tool for importing data. This will expedite the process of bringing existing data like lead lists into SA.


Updates to Correct System Issues

We’ve made these fixes recently.

V3 Accounts

Property Measurements: While measuring properties, some Members received an error when searching for a Custom Field to associate with the property. This has been fixed.


Signed Estimate not attached – In some cases, after a client accepted and signed an estimate, the PDF of the signed estimate did not appear as an attachment to the estimate. This is functioning correctly.

IP Address for Signature - There was an issue with the signature on estimates not showing the external IP address for the client. This has been corrected.

Estimates from Leads in Message Center– Previously, when a lead came in via a text message, the system did not let you schedule an Estimate for that lead. This is now working properly.

Bulk Printing Estimates –When bulk printing multiple estimates, they sometimes were not separated properly. We’ve added a page break at the end of each estimate to fix this.

V3 Importer 

Importer Buttons - In some cases, the Importer buttons were not visible on devices with lower resolutions. This has been fixed.


Duplicate Invoice Emails - Previously, some Invoice Emails appeared twice in the Documents dropdown list for Invoice Emails. This has been fixed.


V3 Credit Card Payments were not producing a transaction receipt. The receipts are now created automatically after a credit card payment.

Copying Credit Cards from Master Property - When copying credit card information from a master property to a related property, some users got a "Card is required" error on the payment. Credit card information now copies over properly.


QBD Error on Sync- Some QuickBooks Desktop users received a error when syncing, if there were duplicate payments and invoices in QBD. This has been fixed.

QBD Timeout on Sync - Some Members experienced a timeout during a QuickBooks Desktop sync. This has been fixed.

Service Autopilot

Login Issue – If two employees or vendors used the same email address to log in, they got an error and the user would not be saved. The system now saves the user’s information, and we’ve added a more helpful message to alert you to the requirement for unique logins.


International Date Format – Some users outside the U.S. got an error when using the date filter on Timesheets, due to the International (culture) date format. This has been corrected.


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