Update to Correct System Issues | September 2020


September 18, 2020


For this update, we’ve addressed the following issues.


V3: Bulk Charging from the V3 Invoices List – For some clients who didn’t have email addresses for credit card receipts, the invoice might not display as Paid. This has been corrected.


V3: On the Invoice Review screen, some invoices containing a minimum amount for an hourly service appeared to show an incorrect Rate, even though the calculations were correct, and the minimum amount was used. The rate now displays correctly.


V3: Some Invoice emails would show documents as a duplicate in the selection list. This was fixed.


Payroll Report - With some combinations of settings, the Payroll Report might display the same record more than once. This has been corrected.

Commission Report - Previously, if you tried to export the Commission Report and multiple Custom Fields had identical names, the export would not complete. This has been fixed.


In some cases, a set Route Order on the Dispatch Board would display differently if someone also viewed it from the Dispatch Calendar. We have fixed this issue.


Some employees who had been inactivated were able to clock into the Wall Clock using a PIN. This was fixed.

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