Update to Correct System Issues | Dec. 4, 2020

We’re continuing efforts to make Tickets run smoothly. This update corrects the following issues.

Activity Search

  • Past Events in the Activity Search were not being removed if their status was changed back to Dispatched. This has been fixed.


  • The Automations trigger “Job was Cancelled” was working only for recurring jobs. This has been updated to support the other Job types.
  • Some converted Tickets for “Estimate Accepted Online” were incorrectly triggering “Ticket was Closed” automations, though they didn't have a Ticket Category set. This has been fixed.
  • Since the Tickets release, the replacement fields on old To Do’s were not getting data from the Ticket or Calendar Event. This has been corrected, and these fields now get data from:
    If a Due Date is on a Ticket that triggered a sequence, the [toDoDueDate] replacement field will now work as expected.
    If a Calendar Event is on a Ticket that triggered a sequence, these replacement fields will now contain the event data:


  • In V3 Forms, some images would cause a rendered form to appear as if it was not secure in some browsers. This was not an actual security issue, and the rendering issue has been fixed.
  • If syncing with QuickBooks Desktop, and your Account records were updated by V2 or V3 forms, some of these updates did not sync. This has been fixed.


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